About the Organisation

Mid 2010 saw the birth of an idea, that formed into a not-for-profit organisation in 2011, and manifested into a physical space in early 2012. The mission was simple, use bikes as a tool to connect with and provide mentor support for young people. 

Since 2012 we have developed and grown initiatives that have been focused on empowering young people to reach their potential. As seen on our home page Dismantle's initiatives have developed out of the passion for bicycles and at risk young people. BikeRescue is the flagship program that continues to empower and enrich the lives of young people at risk; BikeDr is a enterprise that prides itself on expert and professional bicycle servicing and provides financial support to Dismantle to enable us to continue to grow and enrich young peoples lives; and BikeTherapy uses the combination of evidence based group therapy and within a bicycle mechanical workshop environment to remove the stigma of mental health issues and tackle emotional dysregulation in young people head on! 

As a startup organisation we have been growing and learning on our feet. We have adapted to the changing scene in not-for-profit management and embraced a more business orientated way of achieving our social outcomes. Our strategy for the future is to achieve the financial sustainability that will allow us to adapt for greater social impact and reach.

If you are passionate about young people and want information on Dismantle, please click here.

Our Partners

In our four years of operation we have been supported by so many awesome partners. A huge thanks goes out to all partners and sponsors, past and present, who have helped us on our mission to connect more people to bike culture and affect positive change in the lives of disadvantaged young people.

Major partners


Supporters & project partners