Dismantle arose from an idea that bicycles can be harnessed to create such immense positive impact into peoples lives. In 2011 we became a non-for-profit with a mission to connect with and provide mentoring support for young people through the use of the humble bicycle.

Dismantle has grown steadily since it's start, it has grown and developed various initiatives all with the focused intent to empower and enrich the lives of vulnerable young people. Below are our initiatives that have done just that: 

BikeRescue. Dismantle's flagship program that engages young people who are at-risk and vulnerable. BikeRescue is a 10 week mentoring program that engages young people within bike mechanics, all the while providing platforms for our mentoring to build rapport and discover passions and interests within the young people. Once graduated participants are launched onto their goals through continual mentoring - creating sustainable behavioural and engagement change.

BikeTherapy. Seeing a need in young people who experience emotional dysregulation, Dismantle developed BikeTherapy. Combining and adapting Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT) with bicycle mechanics Dismantle's qualified Occupational Therapists create a therapeutic space to teach  and combined it with bicycle mechanics to create a therapeutic space that teaches DBT Skills through bicycle mechanics.

BikeDr. Our social enterprise that prides itself on expert and professional bicycle servicing. BikeDr provides financial support to Dismantle, this enables us to continue to enrich and empower more young people. 

Dismantle continues to adapt to the changing scene in not-for-profit sector and embraced a more business orientated way of achieving our social and therapeutic outcomes.

If you are passionate about empowering at-risk and vulnerable young people and want information on Dismantle, please click here.