A tailored application of BikeRescue alongside concurrent delivery of Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT) modules


The skills-based therapy of DBT equips the participant with practical skills to enable emotional and interpersonal regulation. BikeTherapy aims to enable young people experiencing emotional dysregulation and/or living in invalidating childhood environments to live lives worth living.

BikeTherapy is available in two parts.

Part A - Mindfulness & Emotional Regulation

Part B - Interpersonal Effectiveness & Distress Tolerance

Biketherapy Part A

8-12 young people will receive 10 sessions of integrated bicycle mechanics and DBT based training around Mindfulness & Emotional Regulation skills.

Mindfulness skills will walk participants through processes in which to stay alert and focused on the world around them through everyday activities, allowing them to apply themselves in focusing on reaching their goals.

Along side this, DBT's Emotional Regulation module will teach young people to name, become self-aware and manage emotions throughout daily life, enabling them to stabilise themselves through extreme high's and low's that come with emotional dysregulation.

BikeTherapy Part B

Following the prerequisite of BikeTherapy A, BikeTherapy Part B offers a 10 session extension with two more of DBT's modules - Interpersonal Effectiveness & Distress Tolerance integrated into the same highly successful bicycle mechanic program that engages hundreds of young people per year.

Interpersonal Effectiveness teaches young people to build strong relationships and positive boundaries enabling them to protect themselves from negative relationships that can have a significant impact on their lives.

Distress Tolerance builds resiliency and empowers young people as they navigate environments that present barriers to living a life worth living.


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Please also see our BikeTherapy Overview - it contains more information about how Dismantle can partner with you to enrich the lives of the young people in which you are engaged with.