Therapeutic Mechanics

BikeTherapy. The name says it all.

Dismantle's BikeTherapy uses evidenced based mental health therapy practices to build capacity in young people who experience mental health challenges. 

Allied Health Practitioners utilise bicycle mechanics to engage and teach positive mental health strategies with BikeTherapy participants. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is the main framework used within BikeTherapy.

Dismantle aims to enhance the lives and provide skills to young people who may have lived experience of emotional dysregulation, lack of positive friendships and experience high levels of distress on day to day.

Foundation Program  

10 sessions

• 2 BikeTherapy practitioners
• One full bike restoration
• Bike for donation or to keep
• New skills and confidence
• Personal insights
• Goal setting

2 of the following 4 modules, dependent
upon needs of program participants:
• Module 1 - Mindfulness
• Module 2 - Emotional Regulation
• Module 3 - Interpersonal Effectiveness
• Module 4 - Distress Tolerance

Enhanced Program

20 sessions

All of the Foundation Program plus the following:

Individual initial interviews
• Individual interviews to determine baseline
needs and establish tailored program plans

• 2 full bike restorations
• 1 bike to donate, 1 to keep

• All 4 DBT modules




Please email for more information about BikeTherapy.


We are currently in the development stage in setting up referral pathways for individuals with mental health challenges to access Dismantle's Mental Health Practitioners and BikeTherapy. Please join our mailing list below to keep yourself in the loop.