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Bridie Richie

Our chair since mid-2018, Bridie has been involved with Dismantle from the start, founding the organisation with her brother Lachy back in 2010. She left in 2013 to start her own social enterprise, Sprout Ventures, but has stayed in touch via the board. 

Her mission in life is to create engaging experiences which shift society to think less about "me" and more about "we". An accomplished social entrepreneur, Bridie works alongside incredible cofounders and teams to build impactful social enterprises.

Drawn to work on complex social issues, she tends to focus on savvy, sustainable and humanistic solutions that can have big picture changes in society. 

Bridie totally gets Dismantle: our special brand of playfulness and our core philosophies. Having her in the driver's seat means we can get the best of her amazing experience running a national social enterprise, whilst staying in touch with our roots. Plus, Bridie is a superstar: she gets stuff done, doesn’t take flack, and is the best person for a coffee and a chat.