Hi, I'm Kirrillie. I am currently completing a Masters in Occupational Therapy at Curtin University and am also involved in mentoring and support work. In a previous life, I worked in environmental management and policy.

My passion is centred around motivating and helping people get involved in the things they would like to. Dismantle is a natural fit for me as it creates an environment where youth have an equal opportunity to engage in something they enjoy, while developing life skills.

I was lucky enough to have mentors and role models from at a young age and now see the positive impact this has had on my life. The opportunity to converse with people with diverse beliefs, experiences and cultural backgrounds has helped me to make good decisions and pursue different things. By mentoring in this program, my hope is that the participants receive similar inspiration and support.

I also really enjoy getting to know people and learning what is unique about them. Each participant brings something different to the program and it is great to watch that emerge while they are problem solving and helping others.

The creativity of the participants has been the biggest highlight for me. The original designs participants construct when painting the bikes are amazing and Iā€™m always excited to see what they create next.