Hi I’m Lara, and I’m a Dismantle Program Manager. My job is to work along side our young participants and help them to figure out their bikes, while, in the process, helping them to figure out significant aspects of their lives! 

I’m a registered Clinical Psychologist, and on my non-Dismantle days I work with individuals struggling with chronic pain and a range of other conditions at Royal Perth Hospital. There I provide psychological assessments and therapy. I’m trained to provide a range of different therapies, but I especially love working from an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Schema Therapy framework. I’ve also worked in private practices, and at Fiona Stanley Hospital. 

I made the jump to Dismantle because I’m passionate about using hands on experiential learning as a method of helping young people to break through barriers and work towards becoming their best selves. I love how learning a new, practical skill can build resilience, confidence, motivation and self-efficacy. And, personally, it’s a privilege to actually be there while change is occurring, rather than just sitting in a therapy room hearing about it – to see the cogs turning, literally and metaphorically!