Hi folks, Stu here.

I am a program mentor and bike mechanic here at Dismantle. My role is split between delivering programs on the ground and assisting in training our guys in the shed. Between programs, I keep my hands busy dismantling, rebuilding and servicing bikes ready for donation.

My background is primarily in Outdoor Education, with an emphasis on using Mountain Bikes as a vehicle to connect people to the natural environment and creating a safe space for challenge and growth. Upon taking a hiatus from extended cycle expeditions, I relocated back to Perth and connected with the folks at Dismantle.

With my hands back on the tools, I instantly felt at home in the way Dismantle uses bikes to connect and re-engage with young people. Bike mechanics can be daunting, but I love Dismantle's hands-on approach of stripping bikes back to their simplest form, and the way it encourages young people to get stuck in and problem solve their way around any issues. 

Between the peak program seasons, I make the most of the downtime, pack as little as possible and escape to explore the world around me. Be it by boot, bike or boat, the wonder of discovery is what continues to drive me.