bikerescue is an engagement program

BikeRescue is a 10 week program that integrates hands-on learning and mentoring to engage young people. Mentors work together with the young people to fully dismantle and restore 2 old bicycles in a safe workshop environment. Participants donate the first bike to charity and earn the second for themselves.

BikeRescue focuses on engagement and enabling young people: gain teamwork skills, learn how to manage emotions, learn to set and work with perseverance towards goals, and build self-esteem.

BikeRescue is very modular and can be adapted to suit a range of locations, structures or timetables.


HOW the program works

The bike restoration project is an activity-based tool that helps facilitate conversations and connect with the youths. It enables mentors to encourage and build positive relationships with the young people. It is also a means to equip them with the transferable skills that would enable them to succeed in their education and employment. The bicycle is simple and logical, yet it is complex enough to require the time and skill of a savvy person to get it running right. The completion of the bike restoration project gives the young people a sense of achievement, while helping them see the difference they can make in contributing to the community.

BikeRescue partners with youth service providers to reconnect participants to education and employment opportunities. BikeRescue is an endorsed program under the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.


Dismantle has supported over 500 youths in Western Australia


WHAT our partners Have said

The youth became considerably more engaged intrinsically. \\ Communication with participants significantly improved. \\ The program led disengaged young guys into an education and job seeking mindset.
Relationships between students and teachers improved, barriers were broken down considerably.
Conversations flowed. \\ Kids saw that they can make a change, making something run down into something they want and are proud of.

 You can download our printable brochure here.