Dismantle is a social enterprise that uses innovative programs to enable young people to reach their potential

These are our initiatives:



Our flagship initiative

A youth program that uses bicycle mechanic activities to mentor young people.

Through BikeRescue, Dismantle's Mentors make significant changes in young peoples' lives.

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Licensed Programs 

Creating sustainable community change

A new licensed approach to BikeRescue enables a sustainable capacity building option though training of relevant local community members.

This provides BikeRescue capacity irrespective of location.



Therapeutic mechanics

BikeTherapy is an opportunity for young people to access social and emotional therapy within a bicycle workshop.

Workshop based group and individual therapy run by Dismantle's Allied Health Practitioners.


In 2014 Dismantle created BikeDr.

Now as a stand-alone business, BikeDr continues to support Dismantle and our social programs and provides work experience for BikeRescue graduates.

For more information visit www.bikedr.com.au

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