Dismantle provides young people with enabling support so they can better manage their life in a self-directed way.

These are our initiatives:



Our flagship initiative

A youth development program that uses bicycle mechanic activities to guide young people towards the next step.

Through BikeRescue, Dismantle's staff make significant changes in young peoples' lives.

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Licensed Programs 

Creating sustainable community change

A new licensed approach to BikeRescue enables a sustainable capacity building option though training of relevant local community members.



Therapeutic mechanics

BikeTherapy is an opportunity for young people to access social and emotional therapy within a bicycle workshop.

Workshop based group and individual therapy run by Dismantle's Allied Health Practitioners.


In 2014 Dismantle created BikeDr.

Now as a stand-alone business, BikeDr continues to support Dismantle and our social programs and provides work experience for BikeRescue graduates.

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