Quality property maintenance and enhancement services, underpinned by positive social outcomes.

Welcome to ReNew Property Maintenance. 

Our Impact for our Stakeholders

To customers, ReNew Property Maintenance is a high quality, reliable property maintenance service with an extra layer - a strong social outcome. 

To youth trainees, ReNew Property Maintenance is an opportunity to work alongside ReNew’s maintenance staff and explore a range of vocational pathways through paid work experience. 


To Dismantle, ReNew Property Maintenance is the opportunity to extend our mentoring and therapeutic support for selected BikeRescue graduates. 

Our unique SETs

ReNew Properties provides on-the-job training to selected youth trainees from our BikeRescue programs through Supported Exposure Traineeships (SETs) .

The range of tasks will include general gardening and groundskeeping to entry-level property maintenance, as well as the installation and maintenance of Steadyrack bike racks. These services will be delivered to community and commercial partners to meet their property maintenance needs.


In addition to the positive impact the program has on participants, there will be measurable ripple effects experienced by their immediate peers, families, communities, and even the next generation.

For more information, or if you feel that ReNew Property Maintenance may be relevant to your property maintenance and enhancement needs, please contact us through the Expression of Interest form below. 

This initiative was made possible thanks to the generosity of the Impact100 WA network.