Hi, I’m Georgina, the volunteer manager at Dismantle. I run the Friday and Saturday volunteer sessions and it’s my job to make even the most nervous volunteer feel at home. I do this with coffee, donuts, good vibes, my vibrant energy levels, and by making the workshop a safe and welcoming space for everyone. I also battle to keep the workshop tidy and maintained, manage bike donations, and run volunteering days and team building workshops for corporate groups.

Outside of Dismantle, I keep other people’s children alive as a professional nanny, and volunteer as a mentor and events manager for at risk teens. I’m a bit of an adventurer and love to rock climb, snowboard, go camping and go on road trips with friends.

I really enjoy working with youth of all ages and since working with Dismantle have been very inspired by what the org does for kids. The dynamic and amazing team environment is great to be a part of, and I am continually impressed beyond words as to the generosity of the many people who donate their time, effort and goods. I also have rediscovered my passion for bikes, and have been loving up skilling on the tools.