Hi, Iā€™m Lawson, I'm the BikeRescue Programs Manager here at Dismantle. My job is to get our team of BikeRescue mentors out to the schools and communities where the magic happens, as well as getting my hands dirty on programs too. I got started with Dismantle in 2017 after a house party yarn turned into an opportunity to volunteer on one of the programs. When I saw how well bikes opened up the chance to have a real impact with at-risk young people, it made sense to get around it. Turning gross old bikes into something a young person can be proud of is only the start of BikeRescue. In this job, being an Occupational Therapist means I bring an analytical perspective to understanding why young people aren't engaging in the occupations that are most important for them - things like succeeding as

a student, getting their first job and having great recreational opportunities. BikeRescue is all about helping kids tick those boxes. You'll either find me sat at Dismantle HQ tapping the keys or alongside a bunch of teenagers making bikes anywhere in the Perth metro area.