Hi, I’m Lawson and I’m a Program Assistant/Mentor with Dismantle. As well as hanging out with young people, I work at our HQ fixing up bikes, sorting parts and cleaning up after Johno.

I’m currently in my last year of Occupational Therapy studies, which aligns amazingly with the vision here at Dismantle: working alongside disadvantaged people to enable and empower them in their life choices. I also volunteer as a youth group leader and mentor to teenagers in my area which has been an incredible way to grow my skills as a group facilitator as well as satisfy my desire to see young people succeed. I love getting to work on my own bike too, which currently lives at the Dismantle workshop!

Seeing kids who begin our program with no confidence in their own abilities but finish it with smiles and can-do attitudes is the best part of BikeRescue: giving young people skills but, more than that, showing them what they are already capable of.