Hi, I'm Pat. During uni I had the privilege of being part of a group that travelled regularly to the East Kimberley to work with the traditional owners, community led projects and youth services there. My uni degree is BA Behavioural Science.

My first job after uni was with the Department for Child Protection in their Crisis Accomodation. Here I was part of the team that looks after young people going through extremely traumatising situations. During my time here I learnt about Dismantle and jumped head first into BikeRescue and haven't looked back.

I'm passionate about contributing my efforts to help the most vulnerable people in our communities. The place I believe I can be most effective in is with young people who need a hand. To be able to do that in a small dynamic team, owning our approach and being accountable for the results is the best way I could think of being involved in the youth sector.

Plus, we get to run a bike workshop at the same time.

The team here at Dismantle are exceptional. It's such a privilege to come to work each day, to connect with and work alongside brilliant people who dedicate themselves to the same cause as me. We have a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds, but we all share the same goal.

The most fun I've had has been meeting the young people in our programs. We've seen hundreds of young people come through BikeRescue and other social programs. Each one has a unique life experience and each one is an absolute character in their own way. There's been severe downs and difficulties, but at the same time I've seen the incredible resilience that young people demonstrate to overcome their challenges