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Phil Renshaw

Phil is a taxation accountant wizard. He’s worked for nearly forty years in the taxation industry, including 17 as a partner at KPMG, a personal services firm with a social conscience. For the last four years, he’s worked at BDO, which is one of Australia's largest associations of independently owned accounting practices. BDO is into helping businesses of all sizes grow, and Phil’s expertise will be very useful in building on Dismantle’s strengths to keep us steady, effective and sustainable. 

To get technical, Phil’s experience includes all sorts of terms you would normally only encounter in your tax return. He knows about the GST/VAT, stamp duty and fuel grants and excise. He’s also supported clients in litigation matters, and has worked extensively in the energy sector, including in merger and acquisition. 

Phil has been on the lookout for new challenges, including board appointments like this one. We’re thrilled to have someone with such experience and business nous on the team.