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BikeRescue volunteer and Westfield Local Hero Finalist

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Todd - The Local Hero Finalist

After 10 years in the USA as a stunt rider with Nitro Circus, Todd is now back in his old Perth neighbourhood of Belmont, from where he is balancing his work with Nitro while contributing to his local community in a range of ways, including as a BikeRescue volunteer for Dismantle.

Todd has been a fantastic addition to our team for the BikeRescue programs he has assisted with ... and it has been a real buzz for the participants to be able to spend time with a famous Nitro Circus stunt rider!

Based on this work and his commitment to help his local community, Todd has been nominated as a finalist in the Westfield Local Heroes Program for Carousel Shopping Centre, Perth. 

The winner of the program, based on a public vote, is to receive a $10,000 grant for the organisation they are representing, so for Todd, that is Dismantle.


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Mirrabooka BikeRescue. Donations and Presentations.

Dismantle's Mirrabooka BikeRescue program, held at The Square Mirrabooka Shopping Centre came to a close early this week. The Mirrabooka was a BikeRescue program consisted of 8 sessions during Terms 3 and 4, engaging with a number of local referral partners including Dianella Senior High School Education Support Centre, Warwick Senior High School, North Balga Primary School and Stirling Skills Training. 

Throughout the program, we had the opportunity to engage and mentor eight young people in healthy life decisions, building their confidence and hands-on skills and developing community networks in their local area.

In addition to restoring bikes for themselves, our young people put together three donation bicycles that were donated to Save the Children to be received by three young people in need of independent transport. We are very proud of their efforts. 

We would like to thank the following funding partners for their support of the program:

- The Square Mirrabooka Shopping Centre
- Public Transport Authority (PTA)
- City of Stirling
- Rotary Club of Western Endeavour 

In addition to funding support, we would like to acknowledge to generous support of The Square Mirrabooka Shopping Centre for access to a vacant tenancy to run this program and the Public Transport Authority’s Right Track program for their the support in providing our mentors with content to engage our young people in healthy conversations around staying safe on public transport. 

Along with representatives from all of our referral and funding partners at our program presentations and donations ceremony, we would also like to thank Janine Freeman MLA for her time to join us to celebrate this program and presenting our BikeRescue graduates with their certificates. 

At Dismantle we get excited when the community comes together and provides opportunities for young people at-risk. This was one of those times. 

Cape to Cape BikeDr Charity Team

Last week the mountain biking community from around Australia and the world converged onto the mecca of Western Australian Mountain Biking, Margeret River, to take part in the annual Cape to Cape mountain bike race.

As part of this event, BikeDr put together a charity team to raise money and awareness of Dismantle and our programs for at-risk young people and young people with mental health challenges - BikeRescue and BikeTherapy

The Dismantle Team are extremely proud and grateful for the work the BikeDr Charity Team has done in raising crucial funds which we will be used in a number of ways. We would like to thank the following Charity Team Members for their effort and commitment: Peter Morris, Mark Tupalski, Gerald Hayes, James Eldridge, Sandy Carlton, Justin Millar, and Matthew Jones. Between all these wonderful people the team raised over $12,000. 

Not only did BikeDr provide a charity team, they worked hard washing bikes, servicing and providing merchandise for the riders and other community members that were at the race, including some rad socks they sold out like hotcakes!

Brynn Ward, a BikeDr mechanic heading up bike washing told the Dismantle Team, his team washed over two thousand bikes over the 4 days of the event.

From all of us at Dismantle we are forever grateful for the efforts and commitments from BikeDr and the BikeDr Charity Team!