Dismantle's Containers are on the Move!

Esplanade Park Photo - Pat Ryan.jpg

Dismantle’s two shipping containers are moving from Esplanade Park in Fremantle, after six-and-a-half years on the site. And we need your help. 

The containers represent a really special period in Dismantle’s history. They were installed in the park at the end of 2011, back then the organisation was being founded by a group of enthusiastic, community-minded people who were figuring out ways to use bikes for positive change.Since then, the organisation has accomplished so much, supporting kids doing it tough in Perth and all across regional WA.

Meanwhile, the containers have seen heaps action. They were Dismantle’s HQ until we moved into an office on Cantonment Street in mid 2012; Dismantle ran some of its first BikeRescue programs out of them; and they were the site of our Community Bicycle Workshop, a volunteer driven project the organisation ran at the beginning. They’ve been the starting and ending points of Tweed Runs, they’ve been canvases for Fast Track participants, they’ve been invaluable storage facilities for our programs, and in 2014 they became part of the Esplanade Youth Plaza.

Since then, the organisation has grown and changed, the Esplanade Youth Plaza has changed. Despite hundreds of hours of work over the last three years to use the space, in the end of a lack of resources got us – as it does for lots of charities – and we just couldn’t make it work in the long term. Ultimately we have to focus on our core purpose.

The containers will be moving in the next few weeks. They’ll be donated to other organisations who share our social mission: to enable young people in difficult situations to reach their full potential.

However, we’re going to need some help to get them on their way. There’s a huge amount of paperwork and logistics to figure out first. We’re passionate youth workers, not construction management experts, and we’re struggling to get it done on our own. If anyone out there has experience with site management, logistics and planning, please get in touch. 

Jake: Our Newest BikeDr Trainee

 Jake is the one in the green hoodie, second from the left. 

Jake is the one in the green hoodie, second from the left. 

Jake, a BikeRescue Graduate from Youth Futures Clarkson, is a stickler for detail. During the program, he went above and beyond to make sure his bikes were working perfectly. As a result, and because of his many other strengths, he’s been selected to become our newest BikeDr Trainee.

The BikeDr traineeship is a structured, 6-week program. Jake will spend one day a week with BikeDrs Luke, Fletch and Shelby, following them around on their missions around town, gaining sales and customer service experience in the shop, and honing his mechanic’s skills. Afterwards, he will be offered a recommendation and a reference to help him gain future employment.

Bike Dr Trainees are offered to 3% of our BikeRescue graduates 3% of are selected based on the following criteria:

- a high level of problem solving ability,
- a high work ethic
- commitment in attendance
- leadership capabilities

Jake has shown all of these and more. We’re very excited to see where he’ll go next. Good luck Jake!

Dismantle has a New Chair of the Board!


After nearly seven years at the helm, Nigel Jones is stepping down as Chair of the Dismantle Board and Bridie Richie is stepping up into his place. Bridie has been involved with Dismantle from the start, founding the organisation with her brother Lachy back in 2010. She left around 2013 to start her own social enterprise, Sprout Ventures, but has stayed in touch with the organisation as a board member in the meantime. 

Having been involved for so long, Bridie totally gets Dismantle: from our special brand of fun to our core philosophies. Having her in the driver's seat means we can capitalise on her amazing experience running a national social enterprise, while staying in touch with our roots.

On top of that, Bridie is a superstar: she gets stuff done, doesn’t take flack, and is the best person for a coffee and a chat.

Bridie takes over from Nigel Jones who’s been on the board for just under 7 years. we're currently looking for new board members; if you think you’ve got the skills, knowledge and experience go to AICD at CompanyDirectors.com.au where we've placed an ad for the position.

Term 3 Program Summary


There’s plenty of Bike Rescue action in the pipeline for Term 3 with a total of five BikeRescue Programs and one school workshop. 

Youth Futures:

Last term we started working with Youth Futures at their Anchor Point schools, which offer disengaged 15-19 year olds an alternative to traditional high school. During term 2, we ran BikeRescues at Clarkson, Healthridge and Caversham. For term 3, we'll be running a program out at Anchor Point Ballajura.

Kelmscott SHS

This will be the second BikeRescue program we've run at Kelmscott Senior High School, after last term. This term it will be with the same year levels, on the same day at the same time. 

Giraween SHS

Giraween Senior High School applied for an Enrich grant earlier in the year to cover some of the costs of running a BikeRescue program this term at the school. Enrich grants are supported by Aldi and Bernardos Australia and provide grants of up to $5,000 to disadvantaged schools. The idea is to promote healthy living, nutrition, physical well-being and resilience for children and their school communities. 

Balga SHS  

Rotary Club of Western Endeavour have supported the BikeRescue program at Balga Senior High School this term. The club has a formal partnership with the school and is currently in ongoing discussions with Dismantle about potential future programs.


Save the Children and Armadale Shopping City are sponsoring a targeted after school Bike Rescue in Armadale for 12-17 year old indigenous kids. It's being run at the drop in centre on Thursday afternoons and includes an after school bus pick up service. 

Ashdale Secondary College

We’ll also be running a workshop day for 30 students at Ashdale Secondary College this term, which is intended to lead into the establishment of an internal bike club at the school. 

It's an absolutely packed term, and we're very excited to get started!