Dismantle Joins The National Stage

Dismantle recently participated in the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership (the Partnership) Roundtable on November 15 2017 in Melbourne.

This Roundtable on ‘Achieving Scale of Social Impact’ is to provide an opportunity for delegates to discuss the challenges for social enterprises and not-for-profit (NFP) organisations to achieve scale of their social impact models/programs and business operations. 

Dismantle CEO Mr Pat Ryan joined representatives from a diverse range innovative organisations, along with key personnel with the Partnership’s Impact Investing and Partnership Working Group, the International Centre for Social Franchising and the Department of Social Services at this significant event for the social enterprise and not-for-profit sector. 

The other invited social enterprises included:

At the Roundtable, delegates reviewed and discussed a range of topics which are pivotal to the success and growth of the sector, including:

  • The key characteristics of organisations that have scaled their social impact models/programs
  • The enabling factors to support organisations to achieve scale of their social models/programs
  • The changes and support organisations need to increase their level of scale in Australia

The outcomes of this Roundtable, along with other consultations and research, will help to shape the Partnership’s advice to Government of the potential for increased social franchising to help grow the Social Impact Investment (SII) market in Australia.

Through our involvement in such events and the insights we gain, Dismantle looks forward to applying innovative best-practice methods and processes to enhance the scaling and development of our range of programs and initiatives. 

Supporting Dismantle

If you would like to discuss our work and your interest in how you may be able to support us in achieving enhanced scale of our social mission, please contact us through our website or email us at roundtable@dismantle.org.au. We would very pleased to hear from you.

Mirrabooka BikeRescue. Donations and Presentations.

Dismantle's Mirrabooka BikeRescue program, held at The Square Mirrabooka Shopping Centre came to a close early this week. The Mirrabooka was a BikeRescue program consisted of 8 sessions during Terms 3 and 4, engaging with a number of local referral partners including Dianella Senior High School Education Support Centre, Warwick Senior High School, North Balga Primary School and Stirling Skills Training. 

Throughout the program, we had the opportunity to engage and mentor eight young people in healthy life decisions, building their confidence and hands-on skills and developing community networks in their local area.

In addition to restoring bikes for themselves, our young people put together three donation bicycles that were donated to Save the Children to be received by three young people in need of independent transport. We are very proud of their efforts. 

We would like to thank the following funding partners for their support of the program:

- The Square Mirrabooka Shopping Centre
- Public Transport Authority (PTA)
- City of Stirling
- Rotary Club of Western Endeavour 

In addition to funding support, we would like to acknowledge to generous support of The Square Mirrabooka Shopping Centre for access to a vacant tenancy to run this program and the Public Transport Authority’s Right Track program for their the support in providing our mentors with content to engage our young people in healthy conversations around staying safe on public transport. 

Along with representatives from all of our referral and funding partners at our program presentations and donations ceremony, we would also like to thank Janine Freeman MLA for her time to join us to celebrate this program and presenting our BikeRescue graduates with their certificates. 

At Dismantle we get excited when the community comes together and provides opportunities for young people at-risk. This was one of those times. 

Cape to Cape BikeDr Charity Team

Last week the mountain biking community from around Australia and the world converged onto the mecca of Western Australian Mountain Biking, Margeret River, to take part in the annual Cape to Cape mountain bike race.

As part of this event, BikeDr put together a charity team to raise money and awareness of Dismantle and our programs for at-risk young people and young people with mental health challenges - BikeRescue and BikeTherapy

The Dismantle Team are extremely proud and grateful for the work the BikeDr Charity Team has done in raising crucial funds which we will be used in a number of ways. We would like to thank the following Charity Team Members for their effort and commitment: Peter Morris, Mark Tupalski, Gerald Hayes, James Eldridge, Sandy Carlton, Justin Millar, and Matthew Jones. Between all these wonderful people the team raised over $12,000. 

Not only did BikeDr provide a charity team, they worked hard washing bikes, servicing and providing merchandise for the riders and other community members that were at the race, including some rad socks they sold out like hotcakes!

Brynn Ward, a BikeDr mechanic heading up bike washing told the Dismantle Team, his team washed over two thousand bikes over the 4 days of the event.

From all of us at Dismantle we are forever grateful for the efforts and commitments from BikeDr and the BikeDr Charity Team! 


Yikes! Dismantle now has Trikes!

We are really excited to show everyone our new toys! 

Our Dismantle mechanics have worked really hard over the last few months to develop and complete tricycle modifications. These tricycles enable our BikeRescue and BikeTherapy programs to be holistically inclusive and remove the barriers that certain participants may face around mobility and other physical challenges. 

These tricycles are headed out to Malibu School as an outcome of the BikeTherapy program Dismantle completed last term alongside their educators. We look forward to seeing the three incredible young people ride their handy work for the first time! 

Watch this space for further media around how our tricycles are enabling young people to access their community and increase their independence.

If tricycles are a relevant outcome for you with any potential program, please let us know when you contact to discuss your BikeRescue or BikeTherapy needs.

BikeRescue Video by Tom

This is a little snap shop of the work we do. Mentoring young people through bicycle mechanics.

Massive thanks for the creativity, skills and time to listen to our story Tom. This is Tom Enright's work, providing a snapshot of the work we do, the way we do it, and why we do it.

For those of you that don't know Johnathon Montgomery, he's our Program Manager, the person across all youth programs, ensuring each participant get's the focus they need to uncover their potential.

Have a watch...

Dismantle x AIME. Frame of Art.

The finished product!

We are so grateful for our connection with AIME allowing us to provide an opportunity for one of their young up and coming art interns to turn a bare canvas of a bicycle frame into a piece of art!

Skye Robinson has done an absolutely stunning job! She has left us speechless with her work "Mandala Dreaming".

Our mechanic Stefan Fedeles did an impeccable job putting it all together, turning Sky's "Mandala Dreaming" into a beautiful single-speed bicycle.

This piece of art will be auctioned off at the silent auction at Parkerville Children and Youth Care's Charity Lunch Friday the 13th of October. I think it's safe to say that some of our staff will be putting in bids!

We've attached some photos that really show off the beautify and magnificence that has been created. Thanks to our resident photographer Stuart Montgomery who captured this beauty for us.

From all the Dismantle Team - Thanks, Skye, you're a legend and an incredible artist!

Dismantle x headspace. Promoting BikeRescue for Mental Health Week

It's Mental Health Week 2017! To celebrate and promote BikeRescue Dismantle and headspace, an awesome NGO that works with young people and their mental health, partnered together.

Alongside one of our awesome mechanics, Stefan, the guys from headspace worked together to pull apart, refurbish and completely rebuild two bikes. These bikes were finished and ready to roll out to their donation destination chosen by Tom - headspace!

Headspace will use these bicycles to increase the engagement in physical exercise for the young people within their organisations.

We would also like to thank Central Park Perth for generously providing us with the space to display BikeRescue and partner with headspace for this. 

If you are interested in how BikeRescue can engage, provide positive role modelling and guidance for your young people please don't hesitate to contact us! 

If you want to get involved with us at Dismantle by either donating your time, provide funding for our programs or help out in other ways please also get in touch to get involved!