Working with the legends at WAUC


Consulting services is one thing charities and not-for-profits like Dismantle can rarely afford. All too often, however, we also can’t afford to go without.

Enter WA University Consultants (WAUC). WAUC is a management consultant charity that empowers top university students to provide high quality, pro-bono consulting services to charities and not-for-profits. The service helps organisations to overcome challenges, improve operations, and enhance social impact.

Check out their ‘Meet the Team’ page. It’s like a bunch of the world’s nerdiest superheros have joined forces, and all of their powers are related to academia and business.

WAUC take on six cases a semester, and Dismantle is lucky enough to have been selected as one for semester two. The team are working on our ReNew Properties project, a property maintenance service that will provide vocational opportunities for selected BikeRescue graduates.

Last term, as part of their research to understand better what we do, they attended a BikeRescue session at Youth Futures. They took notes, interviewed participants and really paid attention. Every participant they spoke to said they would be interested in a job opportunity related to property maintenance.

This partnership is a really exciting opportunity to get ReNew Properties up and cranking. We’re stoked to be working with WAUC and can’t wait to get our deliverables at the end of the semester.