Workplace Giving


Dismantle has recently thrown its hat into the ring as a Workplace Giving Charity. That means that staff at organisations with Workplace Giving programs can donate pre-tax wages to causes they’re into.

It’s part of the One Million Donors Campaign the Government set up in 2014. The project is overseen by the Australian Charities Fund, the not-for-profit social enterprise that conceived the idea of workplace giving programs. One Million Donors aims to get one million people Australians donating through their workplace by 2020.

The program itself makes heaps of sense. Employees are happy because giving feels good and they get to be part of something bigger; employers are happy because their staff are happy (improved productivity, morale, retention and recruitment); and Dismantle is happy because we get some money for our programs, plus general awareness and support across the business sector.

Check out the campaign if you’re part of a workplace that might want to get involved. It’s a really easy way to support Dismantle’s work. There’s a toolkit for employers on the website where you can download a project plan, figure out which charities your employees want to support, sort out the logistics with payroll and more.

For more information about how you may be able to support Dismantle, through Workplace Giving or otherwise, check out the Workplace Giving page in the 'Support Us' section of our website.