Dismantle Does Workplace Team Building

Mandurah team building2.png

Dismantle CEO Pat Ryan (looking pensive on the right, there) got a few soft, computer hands dirty recently, running a corporate team building workshop with staff from City of Mandurah.

The ReCycle-a-Bike Team Challenge was part of a team building day for their HR and Organisational Development departments. The group of 13 recycled four bikes, which were handed over to local charity, Peel Youth Services, to be donated to at-risk teenagers.  

It was a really successful day and part of a re-activated service area for Dismantle. “At the city of Mandurah, we are very serious about building a positive work culture and we want the City to be a place where people want to work” City chief executive Mark Newman remarked. “We’re also very serious about supporting our young people, so these bikes being given to Peel Youth Services is good news.”

Dismantle’s Recycle-a-bike Team Challenge is a three-hour program that can be delivered during the work week, either at a venue chosen by the client, or at our workshop, which can accommodate groups of up to 15. They’re also really flexible. Group size can range from 12 people, all the way up to 100, and the workshops can be customised to meet any key organisational or team building goals clients want to focus on.

 Additionally, the ReCycle-a-Bike Team Challenge has really great social outcomes. Bikes recycled during the sessions are donated to a local charity, and proceeds support BikeRescue. It’s also an excellent way for Dismantle to establish and strengthen relationships with the participating organisations across some of our other initiatives. For example, the Challenge may open discussions for Dismantle to become a Workplace Giving Program charity partner, if clients have such a program in place.

 If you’re interested in getting one going for your team, or know someone who might be, get in touch with Darren on 0431 706 851 or at darren@dismantle.org.au.