BikeRescue License in Alice Springs!

In April, Johno Montgomery, our BikeRescue License Manager, headed towards Alice Springs. There he provided the BikeRescue licensed model to the youth workers and the youths at The Gap Youth & Community Centre. BikeRescue License was developed to increase the number of people that will be able to participate in BikeRescue locally. Adult participants are trained to be ‘BikeRescue Mentors’ to deliver BikeRescue to the kids.


The Gap Youth & Community Centre have worked hard to engage the children and youths in Alice Springs to be involved with activities that help them grow and develop. Aboriginal Corporation is a community owned group who had a vision of of strengthening future generations through various forms of learning and creative opportunities.


Johno’s visit to Alice Springs lasted for 5 days and had a total participation of 5 adults and 6 kids. Johno trained the adult mentors in the morning to deliver the BikeRescue Program, and facilitated the program between the adult mentors and the kids in the afternoon. Practically the whole town was excited and enthusiastic about BikeRescue!


At the start of the week, some participants were unsure about the BikeRescue Program. However, things soon changed. They completed their bikes mid week and proudly rode around town, displaying their bikes. We can’t wait to hear more stories from our partner’s about BikeRescue’s impact on the youths at Alice Springs!

If you think BikeResuce can be beneficial to your community, let us know!