Dismantle x headspace. Promoting BikeRescue for Mental Health Week

It's Mental Health Week 2017! To celebrate and promote BikeRescue Dismantle and headspace, an awesome NGO that works with young people and their mental health, partnered together.

Alongside one of our awesome mechanics, Stefan, the guys from headspace worked together to pull apart, refurbish and completely rebuild two bikes. These bikes were finished and ready to roll out to their donation destination chosen by Tom - headspace!

Headspace will use these bicycles to increase the engagement in physical exercise for the young people within their organisations.

We would also like to thank Central Park Perth for generously providing us with the space to display BikeRescue and partner with headspace for this. 

If you are interested in how BikeRescue can engage, provide positive role modelling and guidance for your young people please don't hesitate to contact us! 

If you want to get involved with us at Dismantle by either donating your time, provide funding for our programs or help out in other ways please also get in touch to get involved!