Dismantle Joins The National Stage

Dismantle recently participated in the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership (the Partnership) Roundtable in Melbourne.

This Roundtable on ‘Achieving Scale of Social Impact’ is to provide an opportunity for delegates to discuss the challenges for social enterprises and not-for-profit (NFP) organisations to achieve scale of their social impact models/programs and business operations. 

Dismantle CEO Mr Pat Ryan joined representatives from a diverse range innovative organisations, along with key personnel with the Partnership’s Impact Investing and Partnership Working Group, the International Centre for Social Franchising and the Department of Social Services at this significant event for the social enterprise and not-for-profit sector. 

The other invited social enterprises included:

At the Roundtable, delegates reviewed and discussed a range of topics which are pivotal to the success and growth of the sector, including:

  • The key characteristics of organisations that have scaled their social impact models/programs
  • The enabling factors to support organisations to achieve scale of their social models/programs
  • The changes and support organisations need to increase their level of scale in Australia

The outcomes of this Roundtable, along with other consultations and research, will help to shape the Partnership’s advice to Government of the potential for increased social franchising to help grow the Social Impact Investment (SII) market in Australia.

Through our involvement in such events and the insights we gain, Dismantle looks forward to applying innovative best-practice methods and processes to enhance the scaling and development of our range of programs and initiatives. 

Supporting Dismantle

If you would like to discuss our work and your interest in how you may be able to support us in achieving enhanced scale of our social mission, please contact us through our website or email us at roundtable@dismantle.org.au. We would very pleased to hear from you.