Yikes! Dismantle now has Trikes!

We are really excited to show everyone our new toys! 

Our Dismantle mechanics have worked really hard over the last few months to develop and complete tricycle modifications. These tricycles enable our BikeRescue and BikeTherapy programs to be holistically inclusive and remove the barriers that certain participants may face around mobility and other physical challenges. 

These tricycles are headed out to Malibu School as an outcome of the BikeTherapy program Dismantle completed last term alongside their educators. We look forward to seeing the three incredible young people ride their handy work for the first time! 

Watch this space for further media around how our tricycles are enabling young people to access their community and increase their independence.

If tricycles are a relevant outcome for you with any potential program, please let us know when you contact to discuss your BikeRescue or BikeTherapy needs.