Deathadder100 Gravel Ride by BikeDr.

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Saturday July 27 is definitely one for the calendar. BikeDr, a bike shop and partner of Dismantle’s, will be holding its inaugural one-day fundraising ride, the Death Adder 100. All profits raised will go to Dismantle to run more BikeRescue programs, while current BikeRescue participants will be heavily involved in running of the event, getting hands on with volunteering and gaining work readiness skills.

Riders of all levels are encouraged to participate and the trails have been designed for inclusion. Participants can tackle 30, 60 or 100 kilometres, on a mixture of mostly gravel, a little sand, and smattering of rocky outcrop, with a generous helping of glorious scenery to make it all worth it. The ride will take place along the iconic Munda Biddi Trail, an established and well-known mountain biking route.

Everyone will meet at 8am and the event ends when the last rider hits the finish line. It can be a race or a ride - the BikeDr and Dismantle crew will be waiting at the end regardless, with a high five and a free cold beer or soft drink provided by Nowhereman Brewing Co.

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