Key Partner Shoutout - Kennards Hire Foundation

Last year, the Kennards Hire Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Kennards Hire, came on board as a partner and major supporter of Dismantle. It’s been a brilliant match, with both organisations working passionately to support young people doing it tough. The Kennards Hire Foundation’s mission statement sounds like it was written for Dismantle:

“The purpose of the Kennards Hire Foundation is to make Australia and New Zealand a better place for future generations by significantly improving the ability of disadvantaged young people to be independent, self-sufficient contributors to society.”

The support provided by both the business and the foundation has been varied and broad reaching. First up, they’ve been providing program subsidies for organisations in low socioeconomic areas to run BikeRescue where they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford. That’s 12 programs that wouldn’t have gone ahead, and up to 120 kids who wouldn’t otherwise have had a chance to participate. Additionally, they’re in the process of helping us order a bulk amount of parts and consumables, to further reduce the inherent costs involved in running BikeRescue.

Kennards Hire are also helping us out with equipment and storage. We’ve so far purchased an ex-hire ute, trailer and some other pieces of equipment from them at radically reduced prices, which have been invaluable to our operations. They’ve provided a large storage area in Malaga, where we can store our rotation of 500+ bikes. And, each quarter, Kennards Hire staff have been facilitating OHS and other induction activities at Kennards Hire Branches for each new round of ReNew Property trainees.

We are also investigating the possibility that Kennards Hire branches will also act as collection points for donated bikes to be used for BikeRescue. Watch this space.

Dismantle is very fortunate to have been picked as a partner and beneficiary of the Kennards Hire Foundation, and we’ve been incredibly grateful for their support. We’re keen to develop a close relationship with Kennards Hire staff over the next several years, and excited to see where the partnership will go.